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      1. Address: Mingze Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, on the 16th Liyuan Mansion, 7C 〒 116 001

        Contact person:Mr Liu Qingsheng


        Tel: 0411-8280-0726

        Fax: 0411-8280-0396



                Dalian YLS Machinery Co.,Ltd has been providing service to customer, helping them purchase in China. As a bridge linking customers abroad and domestic supplier, we have been taking “To make customers satisfied and to be responsible for suppliers” as our main principle, and most of our customers come from well-known companies in the industry, covering construction machinery, food machinery, electronic machinery, etc..

        While we are providing service, we are also developing new supplier for both old and new customers, meanwhile, we are expanding our business in the selling of imported products.